The mexican designer starts to get involved in fashion from a very young age at his mother’s private atelier, designing outfits she would later showcase for special events.
After Finishing his studies in fashion design Abel López is invited to an important fashion firm in Guadalajara, where he’s appointed creative director.
In his eight years there he developed professionally, traducing his creativity and originality in shapes and silhouettes and bringing his attention to detail to create quality designer collections.
During this time, personal and work related travels around the world aid him to broaden his horizons as a designer and to discover different perspectives of fashion.
In 2013 Abel announces the creation of the Abel López brand, responding to a need to create fashion from his own perspective.
Building it’s own DNA based on silhouettes and his authentic style which have proyected him as one of the best and most promising fashion designers in México.
Abel López is inspired by his commitment to enhance and showcase mexican design on an international stage, following the standards and expected quality of a luxury fashion brand.

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