Our tradition began in the 70’s with my mother’s passion (Mrs. Lilia Mijangos 1935-1995) for amber from Chiapas, which was not that well known back in those days. She started buying pieces of this vegetable resin brought to her by farmers from Simojovel, Chiapas. This is how she started a personal collection of pieces with different insects inside, interesting colors and special shapes. She became the forerunner of the collection and the trade of this ancient resin. People from around the world used to come see her to obtain raw pieces and captive minerals. As time went by, she started cutting and designing jewelry in gold and silver. Following her example, we continued working with this mysterious mineral. In 2000, we opened our first jewelry store in San Cristóbal de las Casas, where we started selling pieces made in our own lapidary machinery studio. We transform this Mexican gem and design cuts in several innovative and unique s hapes and designs. In 2013, we founded the Amber Museum “Lilia Mijangos”, where more than 450 pieces are exhibited and the interesting process of the formation of this resin is explained, as well as its extraction and history. The museum is associated to our Amber Gallery, which is the base to the respect we have when working with a non-renewable material formed more than twenty-five million years ago. We have been committed to make Mexican amber known worldwide by taking care of the selection and quality of these amber pieces we work with and achieving then a high level and 100% Mexican product. Amber from Chiapas is one of Mexico’s designations of origin.

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