Celeste Johnson, born in Houston, TX and raised in Coppell, TX, began building upon her dream of one day designing for the runway at a young age. From sketching and making small dresses for her barbie dolls to making her own senior prom dress at the age of 17, she has always found it natural to further evolve her style and identity as a designer. After years of development, she has found her passion in taking inspiration from the small things of her daily life, adding a bit of depth, and transforming it into something unforgettable. Her brand Aplomo is based on the ideal that one of a kind women deserve one of a kind dresses, as she discovers herself as a designer, she hopes to help other women separate themselves from the crowd as well and discover their own individuality.

Golden Night originated as the endless night sky and the concept of aspirations of a future to come. This line is a representation of my journey as a designer. The evolution from simply elegant to showstopper, and the continuation of gold throughout is meant to tie back to the fact that if I had not stayed true to my dreams, I would be nowhere near the point I am at today in discovering myself.

For more information about this line and for any custom design requests please email CelesteJohnson817@gmail.com or message me at www.facebook.com/DesignsbyAplomo

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