Bess & George

Friday Gallery

Bess & George is an Austin-based women’s apparel company focused on keeping women 35 and up as chic as ever. We believe that age is nothing but a number, and frankly, we think the traditional apparel companies have failed to consider this market, choosing instead to focus on our teenage daughters and our mothers. So, we set out to make high-quality pieces that fit beautifully and hit the right balance between stylish and age appropriate. The result? Flattering, stylish, high-quality clothing that makes it easier for women our age to get dressed. Our designs are focused on the details that compliment women’s bodies, such as extra length, flattering draping, and strategic ruching, while retaining a sleek and figure-enhancing silhouette. These versatile, incredibly comfortable styles enable women to go to the office, the game, or the couch, and look fabulous and feel confident the entire time.

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