Gallery | Thursday, May 18

I am the independent owner and creative designer of this intentional, inspired design company. It was my passion for color and form that encouraged me to find a place in the art of jewelry design. I am the consummate learner and over my lifetime (thus far) I have immersed myself in learning more about my African heritage/culture. So, in the beginning of my design journey when I felt myself struggling to find my own design style it was the reverberation of the calls of my ancestors that spoke to my heart and hands. Africa in all of its majestic beauty and strength is infused in the cultures of so many others throughout the diaspora and beyond; it is this truth that gave life to my “style”. My designs are intentional. I choose to use semi precious gemstones, recycled materials (of African origin), natural elements (coral), exotic woods and genuine handmade brass African focus pieces. My designs offer a story and an experience. It is my purpose to share these stories.

I am based in Dallas. I share my life with my husband, (dog) Harlem and my tribe of loving family members and friends.

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