Capsule | Saturday, May 20

FERRAH is a Texas-based luxury womenswear brand designed by Lela Orr.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Lela developed an early interest in fashion from her artistic family – her father, an artist and former singer/songwriter and mother, an accomplished violinist. Since childhood, music was a source of inspiration for Lela and continues to shape her eye for fluid fashion design.

After completing her graduate degree at Parsons and years of apprenticeships at fashion houses stateside and abroad, Lela decided to start her own sustainable high-end label, FERRAH.

A sophisticated yet provocative collection influenced by music and contemporary culture, FERRAH exemplifies the complexity of the modern woman. It speaks to vulnerability and strength, to the hard and soft within each every person—a balance of contradictions.

Designed with a focus on construction, balance, and ethical craftsmanship, each FERRAH collection serves the woman who sees beauty through the lens of contradiction, modernity, and luxury.

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