Oaxaca is inspiration: collection Gaby Vilchiz

The collection is called Folk Chic, involving folk touches of Oaxaca with modern and stylish styles.
The idea of this proposal arises after making several unique pieces of jewellery using handicrafts such as fabric, cords, wire, wood and leather, among other elements, but everything has to do with craftsmanship which are made by hand, with the help of artisans.

I am currently producing small collections that include minimum 10 PCs up to 30 limited edition which gives them a touch of exclusivity as a design in its entirety is not repeated although the same techniques are used.

My intention is to create an innovative proposal, since in Oaxaca there are many designers who make clothes stylized with support of embroidery in our different regions. What is different is that a line of textile jewelry was made, i.e. it is not clothing. What it allows to generate something new is its type if we take into account that our embroideries are unique and hard to match elsewhere in the world.

Also as a designer of handmade jewelry, I have a commitment to my community thus generated strong employment, we continue to maintain these traditions since they are on the verge of extinction due to lack of interest of our future generations, and I have the firm intention to contribute a bit to promote it in other parts of the world, all that is made in Oaxaca and that is synonymous with quality art, tradition, folklore and fashion.

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