FYU Designs

Thursday-Saturday April 5th-7th

Making jewelry – breaking the old and creating something new – began as a form of therapy for FYU creator Nita a few years ago, a creative outlet to distract from the ritual of the every day.

Initially the pieces were born from her collection of vintage lockets, brooches, and chains accumulated through late-night eBay auctions. As she taught herself new techniques, she began incorporating vintage dead stock (material which had been manufactured but never reached a final product stage) and recycled metals to remain as ‘green’ as possible.

Nita’s vision of FYU is to create for those who make jewels their talismans and amulets, a modern form of body armor not only to protect but to strengthen the wearer. The pieces each contain elements of art, history, and intent which connect the wearer to an emotion or an idea personal to them. Nita strives to make pieces that maintain that connection between the wearer and the jewel, so they can capture the feeling or memory every time they put on the piece.

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