FYU Designs

Gallery | Thursday, April 21 – Saturday, April 23

Although fyu designs did not formally become a brand until late 2014, it began only a few months earlier as a way for creator Sunita Dharani to pass the hours when her insomnia would strike. Always creating, it made sense for her to attack her stash of collected costume jewelry pieces, mostly broken and incomplete but showing the signs of having been loved by their previous owners. Not one to simply throw things away, she first began to fix a few jewels, then moved onto transforming them into completely new pieces of art. By re-purposing these abandoned and unwanted baubles, she was able to give them a new life.

This became the fire which fuels fyu even today: incorporating filigree components, rhinestones, and gems from the past into modern designs, Sunita creates works which integrate influences from antique art, medieval armor, as well as historical and fictional characters. Each piece contains a bit of history, connecting the wearer to a previous life.

At the heart of fyu is the mantra to always ‘find your uncommon’; a simple reminder that what makes each of us individuals is to be celebrated, and the designs in this line aim to do just that.

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