Since 2006, mexican entrepreneurs and artists,
Marina Gutierrez & Raul Sanchez design and
manufacture sterling silver jewelry at their workshop
located in the north part of Mexico.
They have presented their Jewelry Collections in
important fashion events such as: The International
Gift Fair at New York & the Mercedes Benz
Fashion Week Mexico. Actually, Marina is part of the
Empowering Women in Jewelery Supply Chains program
from the International Trade Center, organism related
to the UN.
Marina Gutierrez´s Jewelry
is pleased to use only ethnic mexican
materials in developing their pieces so that these can be used
as a projection in international markets as well as can be
fully identified as part of our mexican culture.
Their main purpose is to show a small part of Mexico
to the world and at the same time, bring support to our
communities in the development of their supplies,
providing a way to improve life conditions in such
regions and their inhabitants.

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