512| Thursday, May 18

May Designs is a lifestyle brand that believes that every day moments should be lovely. The launch of our Spring/Summer Capsule Collection is a very exciting moment for us, as we have taken our core business model of web to print and successfully translated our designs and production process to apparel. From notebooks to skirts, our company has little to no inventory and we make each product from scratch, for every single order. We created a tool on our website that leads our customers down a little trail of magic to create something completely unique (silhouette, pattern, size) that allows them to design something that reflects their personality . We believe the fashion industry is changing and that people are excited to participate in a movement and conversation that is larger than themselves. Our desire and motivation with this capsule collection is to offer a range of silhouettes so that each of our everyday customers could find something that wor ks for their body type. From hundreds of patterns, a handful of classic silhouettes and a wide range of sizes, the customization options are endless and we can pivot on the fly when we see new color and pattern trends. We can launch an entire new line of patterns inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year within hours if we wanted, and we love the flexibility in design but more importantly, the significant resources that are saved in terms of working capital and waste.

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