Founder and designer, Brian Munoz, is no stranger to the pursuit of the American Dream. In fact, this company was born from Brian’s personal experience with LUCK during his entrepreneurial journey. Each pair of Penny Luck shoes comes with our signature lucky penny soles because of Brian’s strong belief that luck plays a significant role in our lives. When you wear Penny Luck shoes, you wear your luck everywhere you go.

Brian was compelled to start this brand after a streak of bad luck inspired him. When his first company failed, Brian lost everything and was forced to re-evaluate his direction in life. Although he had gotten an education, worked hard and taken risks- LUCK was not on his side. While he tried to get back on his feet, he thought about how his past experience could benefit his future. During his first business venture, he had the pleasure of working with some of the wealthiest men in America. As a curious entrepreneur he asked these esteemed individuals what it took for them to become successful. Surprisingly, their answers all consisted of three things- hard work, risk and LUCK.

Brian had all but the latter. The brutal realization that luck is a factor in becoming successful lead him to build a company established on the foundation of luck. He created this company for like-minded American Dream Chasers and incorporated the American staple of luck- the penny, so you can always wear your luck™.

Since Penny Luck’s inception in 2015, founder Brian Munoz has been searching for ways to use his company as a vehicle for social change. Munoz names his brother, who served two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as his biggest motivation to partner with The Purple Heart Foundation. In an effort to give back to U.S. Veterans, Penny Luck donates 100% of customization fees to The Purple Heart. This donation goes to helping veterans that are suffering from PTSD. The Penny Luck brand is centered around the concept of the American Dream and it gives back to those who have fought to protect it.

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