Prodigal Sun Designer

Thursday, April 5th

The concept of Prodigal Sun began with my love for designer fashion but my inability to find clothes that fit my body properly. As a former professional basketball player in Europe and China and being 6’4 190 pounds with a 6’10 wingspan I had to constantly tailor clothing to fit my frame properly. What I realized over my Career as an athlete is that many of my friends and teammates had this same issue so I started designing clothes for myself while rehabbing from an injury in China with stretch denims and slightly extended lengths. After receiving numerous compliments, and friends ordering custom biker Jackets from me, in 2016 I decided to make it a part time business as a contemporary men’s brand. I’m currently working on my 1st capsule Collection now which is going to be killer!! I am completely self taught and everyday is a learning experience which makes this ride so enjoyable. I hope I get an opportunity to showcase in your show and take my brand to the next level. Thanks for your time and consideration of my brand Prodigal Sun Designer.

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