Soiree | Wednesday, May 17, 8pm-12am
Summit Rooftop Lounge

Fashion X is a large fashion experience that expands in 5 major markets across the United States. This includes Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Chicago. Austin is the 4th largest fashion week in the United States, which makes this kick-off event for ‘Austin’s Fashion Week’ very exciting. My plan is to leverage the production experience I’ve acquired for names like Dave Chapelle, Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Wiz Khalifa, Paul Van Dyk and ultimately create a unique experience for everyone at Fashion Week this 2017. Summit, a city-wide renowned venue located in the heart of Austin, producing some incredible elements of Sound/Stage/Lighting, making it one of the best outdoor rooftops in downtown Austin. Summit exhibits an excellent sound system, lighting rig with Ellipsoidals/Spotlights/LED’s and most importantly, huge cannons that bellow mist and smoke enhancing the experience. I also have some great connections in the Sound/Stage/Lighting industry as a failsafe for production when needed. By understanding how good something like high index lasers look in an outdoors style venue with smoke and mist multiply how effects are experienced exponentially. JDS Productions and their videos can be found on this link , along with Shawn LeSure, a talented violinist heard here in this video background and someone I grew up with who is now a teacher of the Lone Star School of Music. The eclectic collaboration from one of the most professional violinists in Texas, coupled by some of the best stage effects in Austin including experienced lighting technicians, will create the X-Factor that will distinguish our event as one of the most memorable in Austin to date. To further complement every element that is being put together, Joe “Beatchaser” Gomez is a local DJ with a huge following, attaining an
uncanny ability to create a suitable playlist which fuses piano and violin seamlessly, perpetuating all other elements of the entire production to create a symphony of unique sounds and a fashion show like no other. The rapper DROID will come out as the last runway model with a wireless mic and begin singing his famous song “All the way up,” an incredibly popular song on the radio. A local rap/hip-hop artist named Victorious will end the night.

Age Limit – 21+

GA Ticket – $25.00

VIP – Includes 2 drink tickets and access throughout the venue during the Fashion Element of the Production, $75.00

Tables – Includes 3 Bottles and 10 VIP Tickets, $800.00

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