Capsule | Thursday, May 18

Our Story… After years of working in the fashion industry, we at SixChel made a conscious decision that our fashion label could be more than beautiful clothes. We wanted to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman.

“Working in the industry for a number of years, and learning about how fabrics are made and dyed and seeing the dye on my fingertips and hearing stories of breathing problems because of the fibers that are loose in the air…I knew there was a better alternative”.

-Dina Chavez; Designer and Creator

The better alternative was to create collections using the finest sustainable fabrics with a classy yet modern style to fit your busy lifestyle.

Our Mission…Today’s modern woman is diverse within herself and especially from each other. We at SixChel encourage you to celebrate your confidence in the woman you have become. We want you to be in love with yourself and support others who are comfortable with who they are today.

Our Products…Our collections are as diverse as the women who wear our clothes. Using the finest sustainable fabrics and made in Brooklyn, NY, SixChel has created clothes that are comfortable, classy, stylish and chic.

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