Valerie Garmino

BERNINA Fashion Fund Showcase Runway Designer
February 21, 2019 | Austin American-Statesman

The Valerie Garmino brand is etched in timeless appeal, classic aesthetics and sophisticated versatility. Widely renowned for its elegant twist to wardrobe essentials, her garments highlight sensorial experiences of fabric and touch, while honoring cruelty-free and fair-trade practices.
Valerie Garmino is an award-winning fashion designer best known for being an expert in tactile experience of luxury garments. Valerie was granted first place awards in 2017 by the Fashion Group International as the best in Women’s Sportswear and the Little Black Dress Design. In 2018, after completing a design specialization at the Paris American Academy and receiving her degree for apparel and design in the United States, Valerie and her business partner (husband) formally established the fashion brand Valerie Garmino with official headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Valerie now travels around the globe in search of the most exclusive premium fabrics. She approaches the textiles through the lens of a specialist – carefully examining their texture, origin, and environment.

An ode to the woman’s true natural beauty, Valerie Garmino’s pieces are made with hints of modernity and great attention to detail. Coats and capes were meticulously handcrafted from the finest baby alpaca and cashmere. Luxurious pima cotton, French lace and mother of pearl accessories were used for Garmino’s signature blouses. Her work is the result of her creativity, passion, and dedication to the quality. “I believe in another type of seduction,” Garmino says. “A seduction that comes not only from what you can see, but also from what you can feel.”

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